How Do You Define Precision?

If you’re looking for a contract manufacturer that goes beyond meeting specifications to deliver personal attention, fast turnaround and great looking parts – then look at Unimatic.

In-House Machining, Turning and Deburring

Unimatic’s multiple in-house capabilities offers you a single source for many types of parts to save time, paperwork and money. We also maintain a network of nearby reliable vendors painting, plating and printing and other finishing functions if required.

True Craftsmanship

At the core of Unimatic’s company culture are highly skilled, dedicated and long-term employees who take great pride in consistently creating accurate and visually-appealing parts.

Responsive to Your Needs

This is a person-to-person business and Unimatic is not a bureaucracy. We’re within easy reach by phone, email or fax. You can typically count on quotes within 24 hours. Responses to questions and requests are quick. Unimatic participates ina variety of customized delivery programs including Kanban and JIT programs.

Over 5 Decades of Outstanding Service

Since starting in 1964, Unimatic has built a solid performance track record and many long-term associations with customers who value our extra efforts.